UNC Asheville Weather Station: Daily Data Retrieval

Current Data Files

View the latest data files in both metric and U.S. customary units by selecting one of the following:

Metric Units Latest 1-Minute Data Latest 5-Minute Data
U.S. Customary Units Latest 1-Minute Data Latest 5-Minute Data

Past Data Files and Plots

Retrieve past data or create plots by making appropriate selections below.

Step 1: Select beginning and ending dates
Select the same beginning and ending date for a single UTC day. Select a date range for a multiday text file or plot. Measurements began on December 3, 2018. The date range is limited to 31 days for text files and 2 days for plots. For a longer time series, please contact Dr. Christopher Godfrey.

  Month Day Year
Beginning Date (UTC)
Ending Date (UTC)

Step 2: Select units

Metric U.S. Customary

Step 3: Select a time interval
Five-minute data are available for the entire period of record. One-minute data begin on May 7, 2019. All plots use only one-minute data.

One minute Five minutes

Step 4: Choose to receive a text file or draw a plot

Text file Plot

This section applies only to plots.

Step 5: Choose plot options
Choose which variables to visualize if a plot is selected above. All plots are drawn at one-minute intervals and are available starting on May 7, 2019. The time series for automatic plots is currently limited to two days.

Select an x-axis format: Local Time UTC

Select which variables to plot:
2-m air temperature and dewpoint
      Add 9-m air temperature (2 January 2021 onward)
      Add black globe temperature (12 October 2021 onward)
Relative humidity
Barometric pressure
      Smooth the pressure data
10-m wind speed, direction, and gusts
Solar radiation
Daily accumulated rainfall

Step 6: View Data File or Draw Plots

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