Pictures from Saturday night dinner (click on description to see picture)

Andy Gorelow, Teresa Murphy, Jeff Cunningham, and Wayne Presnell

Dr. Heimbach, Melody Hall and her fiance

Stuart Hinson, his wife Jan and Henry Reges

Jesse Ferrell, Tim Martin, Dr. Brotak, Danny Brinnegar and Stuart Hinson

Danny Brinnegar and Jesse Ferrell

Patrick Ballard, his wife and Dr. Huang

Henry Reges and Liz Love-Brotak

Jeff Cunningham and his wife Nadia

Richard Earls and his wife

Melody Hall and her fiance

Dr. Huang, Jeff Cunningham and Andy Gorelow
Group and Class Pictures (click on description to see picture)

Group Picture

Classes of 1984 and 1985

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

Classes of 1990 and 1991

Class of 1992

Class of 1993

Class of 1995

Class of 1997

The Professors

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