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Storms by Name

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YAAS 2021(NI)
YAGI 2000(WP), 2006(WP), 2013(WP), 2018(WP)
YALI 1987(SP), 1998(SP)
YALO 2016(SP)
YANCY 1990(WP), 1993(WP)
YANI 2007(SP)
YANNI 1998(WP)
YASA 2021(SP)
YASI 1996(SP), 2011(SP)
YATES 1996(WP)
YOLANDE 1972(SP), 1972(SP), 2003(SP)
YORK 1999(WP)
YULE 1997(WP)
YUNYA 1991(WP), 1994(WP)
YURI 1991(WP), 1994(WP)
YUTU 2001(WP), 2007(WP), 2013(WP), 2018(WP)
YVETTE 1992(WP), 1995(WP), 2017(SI)
YVONNE 1945(WP), 1971(SI), 1974(SP)