Jeffersonville, Georgia Damage Survey

These results are preliminary. On 3 April 2017, a brief tornado embedded within a squall line passed just to the south of Jeffersonville, GA. The maximum rating of the tornado is EF1, based on the damage to the structures and trees shown in the interactive map below. Here, debris and treefall patterns are superimposed on a pre-storm satellite view of the homes surveyed by the UNCA/UGA/UIUC research group. Large dots represent debris locations, colored by source structure; blue dots and arrows represent standing and fallen trees; red arrows indicate travel direction of debris from the source; and yellow dots indicate locations of non-debris photographs. Red dots indicate debris from the distant barn to the southwest and light green dots indicate debris from structure #2 (the northern house). It appears that the georeferencing (either from our GPS receivers or Google maps) may be slightly inaccurate. Locations are incorrectly shifted to the northeast by about 5--6 feet. To see imagery, mouse over each dot and enter the appropriate image number here.