Weather and Society

Writing Assignments

You have received an electronic version of a letter to the National Weather Service (NWS) written by one of your peers (with the name removed). Your job is to respond to the letter from the point of view of a representative from the NWS. You may be responding to an excellent idea or it may be a terrible idea from the NWS point of view. As you craft your response, consider how the idea might get implemented, the possibility of making products available in real-time, what problems might realistically arise, etc. Consider the questions that address the intellectual standards for evaluating thinking (these are the questions that we practiced using during class).

Address the letter to Robert K. Robertson, Jr. Your address is the same as the letter to the Greenville-Spartanburg forecast office, but use your name and your title ("Meteorological Intern"). Note that saying, "This is a great idea, and we'll implement it now!" is not going to earn a fantastic grade. Put some thought into your response. Your grade will depend most heavily, however, on the format, style, grammar, and spelling in your professional letter.

This assignment is due in class on Tuesday, October 1. Bring a printed copy of your story to class and upload your document on Moodle.