Weather and Society

Writing Assignments

You have now read three articles (Pennesi 2007; Gigerenzer et al. 2005; Wood 2007) on the subject of forecast communication. Please a) write a short summary of each of these three articles. Then indicate both b) the common themes and challenges involving forecast communication and c) the differences between the challenges discussed in each article. This short review should not exceed two pages and should be written in the third-person point of view.

In your comparison, please follow AMS guidelines when you refer to each specific article. You might refer to Wood (2007) in your text, or you might discuss a specific piece of the text in an article and use a parenthetical reference instead (Gigerenzer et al. 2005). At the end of your summary, please include a list of references (this part may exceed the two-page allotment), which should only include the articles to which you specifically refer in your text. These references should follow the AMS guidelines for preparing references. See both Pennesi (2007) and your reading assignments posted on the class Web page for examples of proper AMS-style reference formatting. Note that the citation formatting requirements that you have learned in your humanities classes differ significantly from the style used in the atmospheric sciences.

Your writing will be evaluated based on the degree to which you meet the requirements set forth in the assignment (e.g., summaries, common themes, differences, two-page maximum, point of view, and reference formatting), your professional writing style, and your spelling and grammar. This assignment is due in class on Tuesday, October 22. For full credit, please upload your document before class via Moodle. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!