Symposium on Meteorology in the 21st Century and YOU:

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at UNC Asheville, 17–18 April 2009


Presentation Title Presenter
Welcoming Remarks Alex Huang
The State of the Department: History, Present, and Future Doug Miller
NOAA's Weather and Climate Toolkit Steve Del Greco ('92'), Steve Ansari, and Chad Hutchins ('08)
An Examination of the Tornado Event in Sumter County South Carolina on April 15, 2007 Dan Miller ('90) and Leonard Vaughan ('88)
FAA CWO and SC DHEC Wes Behrend ('93)
Incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into the Atmospheric Sciences Curriculum Greg Dobson
Snakes, Bears, Lightning, Blimps, Waves, Beaches, Tornadoes, and Electrical Fences: Undergraduate Research in Atmospheric Science at UNC Asheville Chris Hennon
An Objective Algorithm for the Identification of Convective Tropical Cloud Clusters in Geostationary Infrared Imagery Chip Helms ('09)
Development of a Quality Controlled Snowstorm Database Anna Wilson ('09)
Women and the National Weather Service Casey Quell-Dail ('05)
Tips to Increase Your Chances of Being Hired by the NWS Steven Eddy ('84)
From Tornadoes to Teaching: A Professor's Journey Christopher Godfrey
Climate Database Modernization Program's (CDMP) Historical Marine Data Preservation Eric Freeman ('04), Mark Seiderman, and Heather Anderson
Implementation of GIS for the NWS and Other Regional Decision Makers Clay Tabor ('09)
Storm Structure, Freezing Level Height, and Precipitation in the US Pacific Northwest Jake Crouch ('07)
An MIC's View of the Future of the NWS Steven Eddy ('84)
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center: Opportunities in the Age of Climate Services Tim Owen ('92)
Panel Discussion: Meteorology in the 21st Century and You
Panelists: Steve Eddy ('84), Jeff Kirk ('94), Suzanne Lenihan ('97), and Philippe Papin ('11)
Facilitator: Doug Miller

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