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Storms by Name

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SABA 1983(SP)
SADIE 1994(SP)
SAGAR 2018(NI)
SALLY 1954(WP), 1959(WP), 1961(WP), 1964(WP), 1967(WP), 1970(WP), 1972(SI), 1972(WP), 1976(WP), 1987(SP), 1996(WP), 2005(SI), 2020(NA)
SAM 1978(SI), 1990(SI), 1999(WP), 2001(SI)
SANBA 2012(WP), 2018(WP)
SANDRA 1966(SI), 1985(EP), 2013(SP), 2015(EP)
SANDY 1985(SP), 2012(NA)
SANVU 2005(WP), 2012(WP), 2017(WP)
SAOLA 2005(WP), 2012(WP), 2017(WP)
SAOMAI 2000(WP), 2006(WP)
SARAH 1951(WP), 1956(WP), 1959(WP), 1962(WP), 1965(WP), 1967(WP), 1971(WP), 1971(WP), 1973(WP), 1977(WP), 1979(WP), 1983(SP), 1983(WP), 1986(WP), 1986(WP), 1989(WP), 1994(SP), 1994(SP), 2010(SP)
SARAI 2020(SP)
SARIKA 2004(WP), 2011(WP), 2016(WP)
SCOTT 1997(WP)
SEAN 2010(SI), 2011(NA)
SEBASTIEN 1995(NA), 2019(NA)
SELMA 1970(EP), 1975(SI), 1987(EP), 2017(EP)
SELWYN 1986(SI), 1998(SI)
SEPAT 2001(WP), 2007(WP), 2013(WP)
SERGIO 1978(EP), 1982(EP), 2006(EP), 2018(EP)
SETH 1991(WP), 1994(WP)
SHANSHAN 2000(WP), 2006(WP), 2013(WP), 2018(WP)
SHARON 1971(EP), 1984(SI), 1991(WP), 1991(WP), 1994(SI), 1994(WP)
SHARY 2010(NA)
SHIRLEY 1952(WP), 1957(WP), 1960(WP), 1963(WP), 1965(WP), 1966(SI), 1968(WP), 1971(WP), 1974(WP), 1975(SI), 1978(WP), 1978(WP)
SIBYL 1992(WP), 1995(WP)
SID 1998(SP)
SIDR 2007(NI)
SIMON 1980(SP), 1984(EP), 1990(EP), 2014(EP)
SIMONE 1961(EP), 1968(EP)
SINA 1980(SP), 1991(SP)
SINLAKU 2002(WP), 2008(WP), 2014(WP), 2020(WP)
SKIP 1982(WP), 1985(WP), 1988(WP)
SOLO 2015(SP)
SON-TINH 2012(WP), 2018(WP)
SONAMU 2000(WP), 2006(WP), 2013(WP)
SONCA 2005(WP), 2011(WP), 2017(WP)
SONGDA 2004(WP), 2011(WP), 2016(WP)
SONIA 1983(EP), 2013(EP)
SOSE 2001(SP)
SOUDELOR 2003(WP), 2009(WP), 2015(WP)
SOULIK 2000(WP), 2006(WP), 2013(WP), 2018(WP)
SPERRY 1980(WP), 1983(WP), 1983(WP), 1983(WP), 1987(WP)
STAN 1979(SP), 2005(NA), 2016(SI)
STEVE 1978(SP), 1978(SP), 1990(WP), 1993(WP), 2000(SI)
SUDAL 2004(WP)
SUE 1976(SI)
SUSAN 1945(WP), 1953(WP), 1958(WP), 1961(WP), 1963(WP), 1963(WP), 1966(WP), 1969(WP), 1972(WP), 1972(WP), 1975(WP), 1978(EP), 1981(WP), 1984(WP), 1988(WP), 1998(SP)