H*Wind Analyses

Hurricane Ike H*Wind Analysis

The following datasets are intended to be used in the validation of QuikSCAT and WindSat tropical cyclone passes. They were created in support of the NASA Ocean Vector Winds Project, in which UNC Asheville collaborated with the University of Central Florida.

The analyses were created in the following manner. QuikSCAT (2001 - 2008) and WindSat (2004 - 2008) passes over tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin were compiled. For each of those passes, the H*Wind database was analyzed to determine if a reasonable analysis could be performed. A reasonable analysis meant that there were aircraft reconnaissance data (at least Air Force flight level winds, preferably Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer (SFMR) wind) available near the time of the satellite pass and in sufficient density. Only those analyses considered reasonable are available here. For "WindSat" passes, QuikSCAT data were included in the H*Wind analysis. QuikSCAT data were not included in the "QuikSCAT" analyses.

Note that tropical cyclones outside the Atlantic basin are generally not included since aircraft data were rarely available for those systems. Click on the headers for a description of each.

Analyses Without QuikSCAT Data By Year(to validate with QuikSCAT)

Analyses With QuikSCAT Data By Year (to validate with other platforms)

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