ATMS 420

Applied Climatology (3 credit hours)

Applied Climatology

Applied Climatology, or the interpretation and application of climate data to a diverse set of users, is quickly becoming a critical field in light of recent climate change. This course, required by students in the ATMS climatology concentration, serves as an introduction to statistical techniques, types of climate data, and applications of climate data in an interdisciplinary framework.

Approximately one third of the course is spent learning how climate data can be used and analyzed via data searches and statistical approaches such as time series analysis. The second third of the course focuses on the physical impacts of climate and climate change on such Earth systems as water, land and soils, and vegetation. The final course segment addresses social and cultural issues such as human health, urbanization, agriculture, and industry. Students read and interpret a chapter in the IPCC synthesis report as a class project and present their findings to the class.

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