ATMS 350

Weather Forecasting (3 credit hours)

LAPS Numerical Model
Modern forecast techniques use high-resolution computer models

This course provides the foundational concepts of modern weather prediction, including the use of model output statistics (MOS), dynamical model output (e.g. GFS, RAP), forecast verfication, and watch/warning criteria. The instructional approach is highly integrated with case study exercises and daily synoptic forecasting. Students provide daily weather briefings on the United States and North Carolina weather.

Weather Forecasting is a required class for those students in the Weather Forecasting track but it is recommended for all ATMS majors. In addition to class work, all students are required to participate in the WxChallenge National Forecast Competition. Our students compete with other meteorology students, faculty, and graduate students from around the country. We have had several students win individual awards in the event.

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