ATMS 345

Tropical Meteorology (3 credit hours)

Katrina over Miami
Tropical Storm Katrina approaches Miami, FL. The eye would pass over the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical meteorology is an elective that is offered every other fall. Each class period begins with a student tropical weather briefing, whereby we are informed of active tropical systems, potential systems, and other general happenings in the tropics such as ENSO and Madden Julian Oscillation passages. The briefing is generally followed a lecture on a topic in tropical meteorology.

Topics in this upper level course include all aspects of tropical cyclones (~1/3 of the course), including structure, lifecycle, intensification, forecasting, and impacts. In addition, we cover tropical field experiments, the tropical general circulation, tropical waves, the Madden Julian Oscillation, and El Nino/ Southern Oscillation.

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