ATMS 178 (previously ATMS 179)

Weather In History (3 credit hours)

Land Bridge
Sea level was much lower during the last Glacial Maximum as a large amount of water was frozen in vast glaciers. Many theorize that a former land bridge across the Bering Strait allowed the first North American peoples to cross over from Asia.

This is a special topics course specially designed for first semester students. It is part of the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) program at UNCA. These courses are serve several purposes. They introduce new students to the UNCA environment, they allow for more personal interactions between faculty and students, and they introduce new students to their faculty advisor. Students are placed in this course - it is not subject to open registration (although new students can rank their preferences).

Weather in History is not an examination of significant weather events per se, but an analysis of how world historical events and trajectories were altered by weather and climate. We weave physical explanations of weather phenomena in with the events that they impacted. Topics include mass extinction events, weather in wartime, ice ages, the age of exploration, and contemporary events.

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