Meteorological Instruments



Welcome to Meteorological Instruments! You may view the syllabus on the left. The text for this course is Brock, F. V., and S. J. Richardson, 2001: Meteorological Measurement Systems. Oxford University Press, 290 pp. (ISBN: 0-19-513451-6). To save a bit of money, I recommend using AddALL to purchase the book.

I will post useful supplementary materials on Moodle. Please ensure that you can log in and view the course.

Lecture Links

20 September 2017

Linear Least Squares Example*

18 September 2017

Performance Characteristics*

11 September 2017


30 August 2017

Site Selection*

28 August 2017

Modern Measurement Systems*
Elements of Measurement Systems*

23 August 2017


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