Introduction to Meteorology



We got our first snow flurries!

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14 November 2017

General Circulation and El Niño*

7 November 2017

A moving tornado example
Another moving tornado example

2 November 2017

Slow Motion Lightning

31 October 2017

NOAA Weather Radio
Why do you need a weather radio?
National Weather Service
Watches, Warnings, and the SPC*
Difference between watches and warnings
NOAA Storm Prediction Center
In case there are no active mesoscale discussions or tornado watches, try these archived links from the October 10, 2006 storms in Texas and the high risk day on March 1, 2007:
Tornado Watch #821 (10 October 2006)
Mesoscale Discussion #2096 (10 October 2006)
Mesoscale Discussion #243 (1 March 2007)
A local event:
Tornado Watch #256 (6 May 2009)
Mesoscale Discussion #732 (6 May 2009)
Mesoscale Discussion #735 (6 May 2009)

24 October 2017

Supercell Thunderstorms*

19 October 2017

Animation of a series of Florida thunderstorms
The same Florida storms with a higher temporal resolution
Mesoscale Convective Systems*

17 October 2017

Air masses, fronts, and mid-latitude cyclones*

12 October 2017

Cold frontal passages*
January 2008 cold front example*
Squall line example

5 October 2017

Modification of cP air

3 October 2017

Greer, SC Composite Reflectivity
U.S. Radar Reflectivity
Real-Time Satellite Images
Western Hemisphere Satellite
College of DuPage Weather Analysis
KTLX Radar Loops
Stability supplement*

28 September 2017

Radar and Satellite*

21 September 2017

Cyclones and anticyclones*
300-mb heights and isotachs
16–19 September 2012 animated IR satellite loop
Overview of Meteorology–Important topics from class

19 September 2017

Coriolis effect
500-mb map
Water vapor loop

14 September 2017

blankSurface analysis from NCAR
blankSurface analysis from The Weather Channel
blankSurface analysis from UNISYS

12 September 2017

One-week satellite loop
Weather Calculator
Surface and Upper-Air Observations*
Daylight Map

29 August 2017

Upper-Air Soundings
Sea-surface temperature in the wake of Hurricane Dennis (1999)

24 August 2017

National Weather Service
National Hurricane Center
Vertical Profiles of Pressure and Temperature*
Noctilucent Clouds
Upper-Air Soundings

22 August 2017

Test Your U.S. Geography Knowledge
U.S. Map
National Weather Service

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