About the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in three concentrations that prepare students for employment upon graduation or for further studies at the graduate level. Both the weather forecasting and climatology concentrations fulfill federal civil service requirements for employment as a meteorologist. The climatology concentration provides a strong preparation for graduate work with a specialization in climatology and mathematics. NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), located in Asheville, represents a unique resource for students. In the weather forecasting concentration, students learn the basics of weather analysis and forecasting and how to communicate meteorological information to the public. The broadcast meteorology concentration provides students with the skills necessary to become broadcast meteorologists immediately following graduation. Students are encouraged to focus their career objectives through enrollment in cooperative education and internship courses.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members emphasize a quality undergraduate education with close student–faculty interaction. Undergraduates have the opportunity to work with faculty specializing in atmospheric modeling, climatology, hurricanes, tornadoes, and weather that is unique to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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